Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
Play Panel tempo duplicate 3.0 2 3 years
Not able to upload online a duplicated .mscz file with the new name by design 3.6 2 1 year
Dotted whole note crashes in 5/4 measure (0.9.6 regression) closed 6 12 years
Copy chord name to fretboard diagram caused crash closed 11 3 years
Merging score via Album feature causes crash closed 2 7 years
View -> Palette needs be corrected to View -> Palettes closed 7 7 years
Preserve correct number of bars when editing multirests active 3.5 9 1 year
Som de abafado closed 1 10 years
Crash on slur drag-and-drop from panel closed 3.0 4 3 years
Feature Request: New set of shortcut commands to "apply" accidentals in note-entry closed 3.3 47 1 year
Move Metronome out of Synth because Metronome's volume and it's mute status are not saved/loaded from score or default. closed 2.1 12 5 years
Cajon staff active 3.0 13 2 years
courtesy key signatures appearing randomly when using multibar rests needs info 3.0 1 3 years
Adding title to template lead to crash closed 2 12 years
[Mac OS X] Full screen shortcut does not work to enter full screen, only to exit closed 5 6 years
Navigator issues needs info 3.0 5 3 years
Don't duplicate chord symbols on linked staves closed 4 8 years
Horizontal frame before last measure of system creates crowded layout closed 5 7 years
Automatically add courtesy natural accidental in subsequent bar active 3.5 8 8 months
Anchoring the ends of a line to two notes active 8 7 years
Undoing timewise delete does not restore slur position if the slur spans for a whole number of measures closed 3.0 5 4 years
Select -> More: ability to distinguish same pitch on a specific string in Tabs closed 2.2 20 4 years
Temporarily change staff order throughout the piece active 5 5 months
Music Playback isn't working needs info 3.0 2 3 years
Empty chord symbols causes crash active 3.6 6 1 month