Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
Change Spelling/Enharmonic Equivalents does not behave as expected needs info 4.x-dev 3 2 months
Numeric pad doesn't change note value//solved closed 8 4 years
Import XML shows chords without root closed 2 5 years
LH Guitar Fingering: in imported scores, unexpected placement when note has an accidental by design 3.2 1 3 years
Asterisk indicating impending save doesn't appear after changing settings in Synthesiser active 0 10 years
"Loading..." forever closed 2.1 2 6 years
4x-dev: playback volume very quiet even when system volume turned to max. active 4.x-dev 0 1 year
Missing documentation of deleting notes closed 2 2 years
Autospace not recognising 3rd verse and volta duplicate 3.0 4 4 years
static plays when i open musescore, actual sound doesnt closed 3.5 3 2 years
Fails to build with gold linker closed 3 12 years
Dragging breaks & spacers in an empty space in a score with hidden empty staves causes a crash closed 8 7 years
Conversion to MIDI does not work properly   closed 2.3 20 4 years
Hairpin layout on second voice on last measure is not preserved when reopening score needs info 3.3 6 2 years
Opening multiple files launches multiple MS4 instances duplicate 4.0 2 1 month
Tooltips of 8vb and 15ma incorrect closed 2 9 years
identical logical conditions in mscore/scoreview.cpp, lines 1740 and 1811 closed 3.0 7 5 years
Problem when reload the first plugin in interaction with a second plugin in Plugin Manager list active 3.2 11 3 years
Exported MIDI file is too slow closed 3 10 years
something wrong in repeat time closed 2.1 1 6 years
Hiding empty staves within a system hides all parts needs info 3.6 11 1 year
Drums don't export to MIDI closed 17 8 years
Crash on undoing removal horizontal frame closed 3.0 8 3 years
Window size automatically changes active 3.5 1 2 years
Prerelease build request closed 2 13 years