Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Can't delete text with backspace when text or part of text is selected closed 3.0 4 5 years
Language selection doesn't propagate to the entire program needs info 3.4 2 3 years
Musescore 4 crashes when trying to set new Shortcuts for note value active 4.0 2 10 months
Opening attached MXL causes crash closed 2 11 years
Lyrics Automatic Horizontal Spacing Is Too Tight closed 3.0 32 7 years
If you install a new library in Kontakt while MS4 is running, you need to restart MS before the library can be used active 4.x-dev 0 1 year
Second Voice can end up broken closed 10 10 years
Copy/paste a chord symbol into a fretboard diagram causes a crash closed 8 8 years
Tempo pallet unresponsive active 3.0 8 4 years
MuseScore won't start up on Win10 after win update closed 3.5 3 2 years
"Edit > Select All" displays as "Edit > Select all similar elements" closed 2 14 years
BŁĘDY WYKRYTE closed 3 9 years
Nightly 2ad0757 Fail to compile on macOS ok on Ubuntu 18.11 closed 3.0 6 4 years
[Guitar Pro] Trill not imported closed 4 9 years
Bug dans les lignes de portée closed 2.1 1 6 years
Crash on attempting to drag header or footer closed 3.x-dev 9 3 years
Play sound needs info 4.0 2 10 months
Beamed notes will not flip direction closed 7 11 years
Multi-measure rest does not cover all measures with rest, IF... ... active 8 1 year
(PortMIDI hang on Mac) - Empty Project always hangs on first note entry needs info 3.2 7 4 years
Segno and Coda customization is resetted after closing and reopen score active 3.6 1 1 year
Cannot Create Single Barline at an end of Staff Key Signature Change closed 10 10 years
Negative extra space over pentagram doesn't work if the above pentagram has text closed 1 8 years
copying 93 bars of song crashes musescore(about 512 notes?) by design 3.0 4 4 years
Pressing "Back" then "Next" in "Choose instruments deletes the instrument list active 3.5 0 2 years