Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
MIDI Pickup Measure Detect Shows 8/4 Measure Instead of Pickup Followed by 4/4 Bar closed 5 7 years
[Musicxml import] crash if notations on rest closed 8 7 years
Change "Stave Text" to "LH guitar fingering," retains old anchor position; and "reset" issue by design 3 6 years
Why does Allegro appear twice in tempo notation? closed 2 12 years
[trunk] inverse stem of grace note causes bad hook layout closed 1 11 years
Glissando incorrectly positioned in cross staff notes closed 9 3 years
Voice not highlighted in toolbar if element isn't selected prior to enabling Note Entry closed 5 7 years
Import of Guitar Pro 6 file causes MuseScore to hang closed 3 8 years
Wind chimes use cabasa sound active 7 3 years
Crashes for underscore in lyric syllable of last note (0.9.6 regression) closed 4 12 years
Exported SVG issues - Font size problem for text fonts (instrument names, lyrics etc) closed 3 11 years
Increasing the space of scaling causes elements to collide closed 1 2 years
Tempo Marking with missing note closed 7 7 years
Eighth note beams across page breaks closed 8 3 years
cursor.measure() causes Segmentation fault closed 5 10 years
Give more describing function names in shortcut.cpp closed 4 10 years
Ledger lines of grace notes too short closed 5 8 years
Items attached to notes (chords) can produce collisions if chord is offset closed 4 8 years
Unable to export MIDI files or XML files closed 12 3 years
Deselecting a staff not possible via shift +up/down closed 4 6 years
Volta brackets do not anchor to nearest bar line closed 5 10 years
[1.0-pre1] Shortcut menu inconsistent capitalization (etc.) closed 6 11 years
Mis-transcription in 'Sonata 16' closed 4 2 years
Corruption when copying a shortened 2 note tremolo closed 8 7 years
Score with parts and a part name containing an "&" can't get opened again after first save closed 4 7 years