Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Nightly 2014-03-21 crashes upon clicking menu "Plugin Manager" - if a plugin exists won't fix 23 8 years
Toggle Rhythmic Slash Notation - rest size closed 3 8 years
List of elements requiring reload closed 9 11 years
Automatically switch MuseScore's theme along with macOS's dark mode closed 9 3 years
Opening the same score twice can cause crash closed 3 11 years
"Break Line" not done when "Create multi mesure rest" is checked closed 5 5 years
New shortcuts in Edit Percusión active 3 8 years
Tupplet bracketing closed 1 8 years
Save As .wav wrapping closed 4 13 years
[Trunk] Overlapping paste in final bar causes crash closed 3 12 years
MusicXML exported without clef defined closed 13 10 years
Entering slurs during note entry doesn't work anymore closed 2 9 years
Lines and notes lengthened in duration not deselected when clicking elsewhere closed 5 8 years
[1.1] Courtesy accidentals in parentheses appear in next bar if accidental is present in previous bar, in LilyPond file closed 3 11 years
No new time signatures in master palette possible. closed 8 5 years
Playback head during multi-bar rests erratic closed 2 10 years
crash in startup when trying to open recent score, which got removed meanwhile closed 8 5 years
No sound by design 1 8 years
Problème de lecteur audio closed 2 7 years
Symbol palette Crash closed 2 13 years
even lyrics style is not applied closed 3 12 years
Beam placement not copied and crashes when undone closed 3 8 years
Select All on this score causes crash closed 2 10 years
Lyrics in Measures & Unintended Code closed 2 5 years
Disallow part with no instrument closed 6 11 years