Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Crash on entering first note closed 17 5 years
Nachträglich Auftakte erzeugen closed 11 5 years
MusicXML import: sub-optimal handling of different duration measures closed 5 12 years
Notehead brackets collide with fret number closed 3 10 years
Smooth scrolling in the score view duplicate 8 3 years
Double-clicking clef in palette after selecting bar applies clef to each note/chord closed 2 3 years
5 line drumset input extremely hard to do closed 5 11 years
Add instrument to score with mmRest causes crash closed 3 10 years
Part and staff dynamics affect entire system closed 5 14 years
Export to pdf: wrong size for the texts closed 9 5 years
Allow clef change after barline (for repeats) closed P1 - High 13 4 years
Customized beam does not persist after save closed 2 13 years
Unnecessary time signatures not removed after Undo active 2 3 years
String data/tuning not synced between score and parts active 7 5 years
[trunk] Courtesy accidentals lost in transposition closed 5 10 years
Hyphens in lyrics can be left orphaned needs info 18 7 years
Memory Usage on MuseScore Startup closed 7 9 years
openSUSE installation instructions can be improved active 4 4 years
1st & 2nd line endings can't proceed to new staff when dragging line with mouse active 3 12 years
Cannot double-click symbols to apply to elements closed 6 11 years
individual voice note size closed 1 8 years
Crash by creating full measure rests on regular measures with MM rests (or not) closed 10 7 years
Plugin: context of new Score() call affects resulting score active 1 9 years
[Trunk] [Mac] Drawing update failure closed 7 12 years
Lead in measures cause repeats to double play the melody line. closed 5 11 years