Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Copyright from template overwritten by empty value in dialog active 3 7 years
Tuplet corruption (0.9.6 regression) closed 3 12 years
Part with identical instruments to another doesn't appear closed 3 9 years
Add chord notes to a tied note (0.9.4 regression) by design 5 11 years
Extend [Left] & [Right] to work from elements other than notes and chord/rests closed 3 9 years
Dynamics with offset move right after save closed 7 8 years
Wrong placement when doubling duration of half rest by design 2 8 years
spacing clash with ledger lines and rehearsal letters outline active 2 7 years
Musescore 0.9.6 crashes on startup (Windoze XP) closed 10 12 years
input of certain symbols simultaneous with note input active 30 3 years
Time Signature Features closed 5 6 years
A "breath" is played in a wrong position closed 11 4 years
Dynanmics Cannot Be Changed on Midi Import (should be possible) by design 2 7 years
"Dropping" end barline onto Multi-Measure rest should apply barline to *end* of multi-measure rest closed P1 - High 9 3 years
Ajusting beams of mixed 32nd and 8th notes closed 4 12 years
TOP and DOWN pressing doesn't show a natural sign won't fix 5 11 years
Problems with counter for scores longer than one hour in duration active 6 5 years
Changement d'instruments pour une percussion / Change intrument to unpitched percussion duplicate 5 1 year
Enabling Note Entry on non-pitch stave causes crash closed 5 9 years
Rehearsal marks change formatting after edit / relayout closed 2 8 years
Inspector spinboxes lose focus when typing closed 9 8 years
mscore -F does not delete ~/.config/MuseScore/MuseScore2.ini.lock, causing musescore to freeze whenever try to modify the .ini closed 16 7 years
Lyrics closed 8 4 years
[Trunk] Cannot copy closed 7 11 years
[trunk] Playback doesn't follow the score when zoom isn't 100% and continous view is on closed 9 4 years