Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Unable to edit some staff properties when type is "Tab" - nightly R4595 closed 6 9 years
Can't permalink to comments on blog posts closed 3 5 years
Soundfont deletable without selecting it active 1 9 years
Common Time and Alla Breve symbols in Create New Score too small closed 2 8 years
No ledger lines when moving notes closed 9 4 years
[MusicXML] non standard dynamics are not exported correctly closed 11 4 years
Remove the last inserted vertical frame make musecore hangs closed 5 12 years
Add a "don't show again" box to messages. closed 2 3 years
[Regression] Note head positioned away from ledger line in 1.2 score closed 4 9 years
Wrong instruments in MIDI file closed 3 7 years
Copy paste of single chord symbols does not transpose closed 12 7 years
mm-rest toggling somehow converts double-barline into end-start repeat closed P2 - Medium 5 3 years
Navigator crash after closing all tabs (0.9.6 regression) closed 6 12 years
Timewise delete code needs info 6 3 years
Invención a dos voces closed 2 4 years
Accidental disappears after undo round bracket closed 2 10 years
Multi-voice notes don't align in part closed 3 8 years
Change to Staff Text Properties doesn't mark score dirty closed 6 7 years
Hairpins dragged from palette always blue (as if selected) closed 8 7 years
Artefacts in "Strings CLP" sound (TimGM6mb.sf2) closed 5 12 years
Script Debugger doesn't disappear after disabling it by design 2 11 years
Adding soundfont to score with part and saving causes crash closed 6 10 years
Some channels not exported to MIDI closed 4 8 years
grace note after collides with grace note before next note active 2 7 years
Custom palette cell sizes get smaller and smaller active 1 6 years