Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Slurs placed in tuplets don't appear in the correct place. closed 3 12 years
wrong tie direction on chords closed 10 3 years
[Trunk] Saved decrescendo appears as crescendo when re-opening closed 3 10 years
(Windows/Linux) - Musescore Does Not Open Maximized. closed 4 12 years
Chord symbols are in their own bar of rest, not part of multi-measure rest closed 3 7 years
Appoggiatura played to short closed 3 7 years
No Sound Playback closed 3 6 years
Crash when opening "Planxty Carolan" demo score with r1619 closed 3 13 years
Ledger lines not long enough for whole notes closed 9 11 years
curScore.version not initiated for imported files continued from last session active 2 10 years
Lyrics lower margin can't go negative anymore closed 11 8 years
Notes entered with Concert Pitch off sound as wrong pitch and do not transpose closed 4 8 years
Courtesy time signature not created when changing time signature closed 2 7 years
Crash after deletion of a linked staff in a score with parts closed 15 6 years
Note entry crash after deleting measures closed 6 12 years
Literally empty, unchangeable, unerasable bar closed 2 11 years
Words not auto-adjusting open issues 1 10 years
Crash on edit after removing a linked staff closed 10 7 years
Repeat section inside wider repeat section not played properly by design 2 6 years
Flipping stem direction on beamed notes causes a crash on latest nightly build closed 2 10 years
Welcome Screen if no Tab is opened active 7 8 years
"Clear" button in Enter Shortcut Sequence" dialog does not clear input field closed 4 8 years
Error on open closed 4 7 years
Make saving an atomic operation active 11 6 years
Translated strings not displayed closed 3 13 years