Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Opening this MusicXML causes crash closed 10 8 years
Trill size closed 4 4 years
Stems length of beamed notes change with layout active 2 7 years
Include ability to get Harmony at a given tick in plugin framework closed 8 3 years
[1.1] Missing magnifier icon closed 6 11 years
Rename SnowLeopard to Snow Leopard closed 1 10 years
Changing font size does nothing closed 13 4 years
Apparent corruption on copying a two-note tremolo across a barline closed 3 7 years
Insert measure numbers where you want closed 2 8 years
Importing "piano" MIDI file creates only treble clef staves........... by design 3 10 years
Version Scores with Git active 10 2 months
crash when loading mtest/guitarpro/tremolobar.gpx-ref.mscx closed 2 8 years
Mnemonics for all menu items closed 12 4 years
Make bars not to lose focus when dragging the score closed 3 6 years
Remove "Enable MIDI input" option in Preferences active 1 10 years
Image properties closed 2 13 years
Drawing tablature causes crash closed 9 9 years
Musescore SIGABRTs when opening a score with a slur ending on a rest closed 4 8 years
Handbook search inappropriately includes comments (left over from 2.0 transition and no longer shown on Handbook page itself) closed 5 7 years
[MusicXML import] corruption from a MusicXML file with incorrect note types active 28 2 years
Better way to add accent notes closed 3 12 years
Use system navigator closed 1 11 years
Musescore locks up when making a network call with active AVG Internet Security won't fix 15 7 years
MXL import sometimes fails closed 7 9 years
Cross staff move information not saved closed 3 8 years