Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Musehub Unable to connect to Helper. Please contact Support. closed 4.x-dev 9 4 months
Numeric keypad does not work. duplicate 4.x-dev 2 11 months
SWING don't work. Always even. active 4.x-dev 1 1 year
default indentation issue active 4.x-dev 0 2 years
Change from continues view to page view results in loss of cursor position active 4.x-dev 2 11 months
Renaming in "Parts" Dialog does not save and has no effect on Instrumentspanel name closed 4.x-dev 2 2 years
cannot save or export files compatible with MuseScore 3 by design 4.x-dev 6 7 months
New Saxophone Sample Issues duplicate 4.x-dev 5 11 months
Instrument names inconsistent active 4.x-dev 3 11 months
Muses Sounds Contrabassoon Range GitHub issue 4.x-dev 3 10 months
A lot to do for lyrics duplicate 4.x-dev 4 1 year
trill issue active 4.x-dev 1 1 year
Crash when saving active 4.x-dev 5 10 months
Forte Dynamic Is Distorted active 4.x-dev 6 11 months
Linux makefile warning: "cc1plus: warning: MuseScore/build.debug/all.h.gch: not a PCH file" closed 4.x-dev 3 2 years
Notes skipped on playback active 4.x-dev 0 11 months
Numeric pad for changing note duration duplicate 4.x-dev 4 11 months
Welcome window outside of the screen active 4.x-dev 0 11 months
Always 4th note sounding in MuseScore 4 active 4.x-dev 3 11 months
added sound appearing during caesura active 4.x-dev 1 1 year
The inspector is too slow to respond when clicking the title of a score. needs info 4.x-dev 4 1 year
Timpani roll can't do a diminuendo active 4.x-dev 0 10 months
Numpad does not work duplicate 4.x-dev 1 11 months
Buggy Playback duplicate 4.x-dev 2 11 months
Collisions between slurs and dynamic markings in Continuous View (horizontal) active 4.x-dev 0 11 months