Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort ascending
Drums in 1.2 score have a treble clef after enabling Concert Pitch closed 3 10 years
Changes to stave line numbers in 1.2 score not fully acknowledged closed 5 10 years
Extending a melisma on two notes makes the melisma colide with previous lyrics closed 2 10 years
Removing and adding linked staff and creating score causes crash closed 2 10 years
Clef changing closed 12 10 years
MuseJazz Font is missing european diacritical characters closed 70 10 years
Options in Inspector limited when drag-selecting certain elements closed 3 10 years
Measure Numbers are too close to the staff, or are in the staff itself closed 3 10 years
Slurs not visible when staff above is hidden closed 4 10 years
Crash when deleting start repeat in the first measure closed 2 10 years
Part not visible if created when viewing part closed 3 10 years
Multiple bars selected when selecting one closed 3 10 years
coloring accidentals doesn't work closed 6 10 years
[LilyPond] Bar lines and repeats appear prematurely by design 13 10 years
Playing simple D.C. al coda repeat causes UI to stop responding closed 6 10 years
deleting first bar results in misrendered result (see screen shots) closed 2 10 years
beaming across barline not working under needed circumstance closed 1 10 years
changing concert pitch state of newly created part crashes closed 3 10 years
Controls have disappeared from scores on closed 17 10 years
Unable to edit some staff properties when type is "Tab" - nightly R4595 closed 6 10 years
Time Sig not laid out correctly after some changes closed 2 10 years
TAB: time sigs not created closed 2 10 years
Chord symbol entry - tab and space not working closed 11 10 years
Transposing score removes courtesy accidentals closed 9 10 years
[trunk] Courtesy accidentals lost in transposition closed 5 10 years