Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort ascending
Copy paste keeps link information closed 2 10 years
Shortcut for Plugin editor closed 2 10 years
Nightlies should not try to check for updates closed 2 10 years
Cursor in text remains in print or PDF closed 5 10 years
Moving grace notes on score with linked staff causes crash closed 6 10 years
TAB's: first score measure not completely re-laid out if some staff props are changed closed 6 10 years
Segfault when editing linked score and tab staves closed 4 10 years
Add a straight arpeggio arrow closed 2 10 years
removing key signature causes crash closed 4 10 years
Text frame should be in space and not in millimeter closed 3 10 years
Multiple grace notes cause crash when creating, or opening part closed 10 10 years
Dragging a Time Signature to an imported MIDI file segfaults closed 3 10 years
[MusicXML import] stem directions incorrect for some beamed notes closed 2 10 years
[MusicXML] test/musicxml/testHarmony1.xml errors closed 2 10 years
Transpose key from F# to C will end up to D closed 3 10 years
Remove magic number in Text line symbol closed 5 10 years
Reading back measures of irreg. length might corrupt time sig map closed 3 10 years
Key signature disappears when linked staff type is changed to "tab" closed 8 10 years
Note in anacrusis appears before time signatures, key signatures and clefs if changed in value closed 7 10 years
user added accidental stays when note moved using UP/DOWN keys closed 5 10 years
Actions without change to score makes it dirty closed 10 10 years
Score still marked as "dirty" after save if non-visible change closed 6 10 years
instruments_zh_TW.xml invalid won't fix 1 10 years
Creating triplet on 128th rest causes crash closed 3 10 years
Opening the same score twice can cause crash closed 3 10 years