Issues for MuseScore

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Can I write sheet music that someone else wrote then post it on musenote? closed 3 11 years
Shift-X with measure selected -> crash closed 5 11 years
MusicXML doesn't save Tempo Text if there's no name closed 9 11 years
Failure to read MusicXML file with missing parts closed 5 11 years
[Trunk] Crash on changing time signature closed 15 11 years
Request to help with MuseScore product description closed 2 11 years
Opening Page Settings causes crash closed 10 11 years
Problemas al imprimir closed 1 11 years
[trunk] pinch gesture for zooming in and out closed 5 11 years
[trunk] In "Single Palette Mode", the previous palette collapses only half-way closed 4 11 years
[trunk] no more recent files closed 4 11 years
[trunk] Clicking on Piano Keyboard with no score causes crash closed 8 11 years
[Trunk] Closing drumset after closing score causes crash closed 2 11 years
[trunk] slow scroll events on the scoreview get lost closed 3 11 years
[1.1] Initial clef(s) cannot be changed more than once closed 2 11 years
[1.1] [Mac] MuseScore crashes upon quit closed 5 11 years
[1.1] Missing magnifier icon closed 6 11 years
[Trunk] Cannot copy closed 7 11 years
[Trunk] Score must be clicked to see result of paste closed 2 11 years
Exposing to (first time) users closed 8 11 years
Nothing works. Complete removal and reinstallation does not change anything. closed 2 11 years
Beginning a measure with a rest closed 8 11 years
Editing palette breaks drum note entry closed 2 11 years
Conflicting flag directions for sub-beams closed 16 11 years
[Trunk] Selecting "Time Signatures" causes crash closed 5 11 years