Issues for MuseScore

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[Trunk] Opening Mixer causes crash closed 3 11 years
Right click on note should also show measure and staff properties closed 4 11 years
[Trunk] Page must be clicked to hear sound change in Mixer closed 2 11 years
[Trunk] Clicking page during playback shortens sound of notes closed 4 11 years
Small note heads in chords closed 2 11 years
Templates added to File > Open Recent closed 2 11 years
[Trunk] Sound doesn't change after changing it in mixer closed 2 11 years
[Trunk] Sound continues after mute or solo closed 2 11 years
[Trunk] If a slur is moved, new position is not saved closed 4 11 years
[Trunk] Closing score causes crash closed 6 11 years
1.1 R4902 Score tabs disappear closed 8 11 years
Creating part causes crash closed 12 11 years
[ trunk ] R4900 Recent change to repeat bar dot handling closed 2 11 years
[Trunk] Dragging rest to ledger lines and undo doesn't produce stave rest closed 2 11 years
Capella import is wrong closed 6 11 years
enable or disable the colorization of the other voice to have better view on it closed 3 11 years
Can't edit own entries in forum nor issue tracker if it is the first one closed 4 11 years
[Trunk] Page Break or Spacer not visible in 1.1 score closed 7 11 years
Staff with one line and repeat bars are not aligned closed 9 11 years
[Trunk] [Compatibility] Cross staff beaming from 1.X does not work closed 4 11 years
Split staff drops lower notes closed 16 11 years
Need means for closing a score from the plugin framework closed 3 11 years
Opening palettes resizes main window closed 5 11 years
[1.1] bww import: missing bagpipe doublings closed 4 11 years
[Trunk] Playback features reverb closed 2 11 years