Issues for MuseScore

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No text if Print Spooler service not running Win7 closed 5 13 years
(Website) Add "mscz," and "mscx," to list of supported extensions closed 2 13 years
Fails to Play Drum Part closed 2 13 years
Unsure how to write 2 voices closed 2 13 years
Playback does not stop at 'fine' after ds al fine closed 3 13 years
Start with new score closed 3 13 years
score without barlines closed 6 13 years
Regarding user profile information on closed 3 13 years
Add dot to full measure rest causes crash closed 4 13 years
Can't add dot to rest outside note entry (0.9.6 regression) closed 2 13 years
Bar line cut crash closed 2 13 years
[0.9.6 regression] Crash with rewind in debug mode closed 3 13 years
mscz file saved in concert pitch is treated as normal pitch if opened on a different computer. closed 4 13 years
[0.9.6 regression] Noteheads far from stem in demo score closed 4 13 years
Color notes out of usable range preference doesn't work closed 9 13 years
Returning to normal bar via select-delete closed 7 13 years
Session restore marks fully saved scores as "dirty" closed 2 13 years
Session restore does not inform user closed 3 13 years
No warning for invalid SoundFont location closed 2 13 years
[Mac] Paste of text does not work closed 2 13 years
Auto save does not backup scores that have never been saved closed 2 13 years
Auto save fails on demo score closed 4 13 years
Simple 8th tuplet fails on the off-beat closed 3 13 years
Why does Allegro appear twice in tempo notation? closed 2 13 years
Grace notes don't transpose closed 3 13 years