Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort ascending
Crash when using drums closed 3 14 years
Barlines for grand staff instruments closed 2 14 years
Crash with dropping treble clef over bass clef closed 2 14 years
Brace is missing for accordion grand staff closed 2 14 years
Transpose function causes misspellings closed 3 14 years
Score view movement with rehearsal letters (regression) closed 3 14 years
Changing to C Major causes freeze (regression) closed 2 14 years
Ties affect whole chord instead of individual notes during playback closed 5 14 years
Drum entry via alphanumeric keyboard causes crash (regression) closed 3 14 years
Language codes versus country codes closed 2 14 years
Lingering input in dialog window Create New Score closed 2 14 years
Voltas on multiple staves do not anchor properly closed 2 14 years
8va affects all staves instead of single staff closed 2 14 years
Crash when opening "Planxty Carolan" demo score with r1619 closed 3 14 years
Bar lines through multiple staves causes crash when creating parts closed 2 14 years
Crash when adding symbols closed 3 14 years
Grace notes too big (regression) closed 2 14 years
Display menu/Navigator bug closed 3 14 years
Can't delete instrument name in score closed 5 14 years
Navigator window does not show large pages closed 2 14 years
Crash on closing score closed 11 14 years
Audio export ends early closed 3 14 years
Measure length does not adjust for new time signature (regression) closed 3 14 years
Position of slider in play panel is not always correct closed 2 14 years
drum input by design 1 14 years