Issues for MuseScore

Title Sort descending Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
$M in header is not using last modified date on MacOS 10.14.2 needs info 3.0 1 3 years
& in Volta text corrupts score closed 6 6 years
& not recognized in staff names (short or long) active 5 8 years
'+' key doesn't work to create tied note after leaving and re-entering note entry mode closed 6 7 years
'About' box way too wide when using an outdated translation active 7 8 years
'Add Interval' doesn't respect accidentals by design 7 12 years
'Apply to all parts button' greyed out on master score active P2 - Medium 3.0 7 3 years
'Beam Properties' palette doesn't show properties of a beamed note when selected closed 4 2 years
'blue rectangle' in Navigator is not shown closed 2.2 9 4 years
'Change Instrument' doesn't respect font style for InstrumentLong and InstrumentShort closed 3 9 years
'Change Instrument' should set trackName accordingly closed 3 12 years
'Create key signature for all systems' doesn't work correctly closed 3.0 11 4 years
'Create Part' button should be greyed out if no part, or instruments have been selected closed 2 9 years
'End' and 'page down' commands do not work for score ending in mmrest active 10 3 years
'Export' directory active 3.0 1 3 years
'grace notes after' are not positioned the right way. duplicate 3.2 2 3 years
'Hanging' ties/slurs duplicate 3.6 3 1 year
'hide empty staves' v2.3.2 vs v3.0.0 duplicate 3.0 8 3 years
'Hide instrument name if there is only 1 instrument' broken for scores with a multi-staff instrument closed 9 6 years
'Instrument Change' works not corretly for transposed instruments closed 10 4 years
'loading' window at startup does not close if using Qt library version == 5.5.0 (which current arch linux release uses) closed 2.1 59 5 years
'Lock-Score' Tool active 3.0 24 5 years
'Loop Playback' won't stop (space or play just invokes playing from start point) active 3.5 30 1 year
'Measure numbers every system' should place numbers after split measures closed 13 2 years
'Open' volta lines must be extended over the entire 'ending' to play back correctly closed 2.1 12 4 years