Issues for MuseScore

Title Sort descending Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
[trunk] Shortcuts cannot be cleared closed 3 11 years
[Trunk] Shortcuts non-functioning in Save and Export boxes closed 6 7 years
[trunk] Shortcuts not read back from .ini file closed 2 11 years
[trunk] SIGABORT when loading a score with parenthesized accidental(s) closed 2 12 years
[trunk] slow scroll events on the scoreview get lost closed 3 11 years
[trunk] slur/tie across page break shown on wrong page closed 5 11 years
[Trunk] Solo/Mute not saved closed 2 10 years
[Trunk] Some palettes don't appear closed 3 11 years
[Trunk] Sound briefly heard from last score after reopening active 2 7 years
[Trunk] Sound continues after mute or solo closed 2 11 years
[Trunk] Sound does not change in Mixer closed 2 10 years
[Trunk] Sound doesn't change after changing it in mixer closed 2 11 years
[trunk] Soundfont disabled when reseting preferences closed 6 11 years
[trunk] Space or hypen in lyrics causes crash closed 3 12 years
[trunk] Split the instrument.xml files in two files for localization closed 2 5 years
[Trunk] Staccato-sounding note after clicking it during playback closed 1 11 years
[trunk] Staff text for other (non-first) staves is placed relatively to first stave closed 3 10 years
[Trunk] Standalone grace notes do not paste won't fix 2 9 years
[Trunk] Stems too short closed 3 10 years
[trunk] Style Hrd/Ftr Nums "show first" not checked, 1st page > 1: 1st page number still shown closed 2 10 years
[Trunk] Style: General: Header, Footer, and Number menu text-boxes re-size upon window movement closed 10 8 years
[Trunk] Style>General crashes closed 18 10 years
[trunk] Sub-beam on wrong side for downstem notes closed 2 11 years
[trunk] SVG export only does first few pages closed 6 10 years
[trunk] SVG export overlaps multipage scores closed 2 11 years