Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
Invisibility of staff name not saved closed 9 12 years
Beaming when sending notes across staves closed 2 12 years
Ledger lines and ties behave wrong closed 3 12 years
Incorrect note split in 4/4 measures closed 1 12 years
[0.9.6] Odd behaviors with W/Q keys closed 3 12 years
Tie does not work? closed 3 12 years
[0.9.6] Changing soundfont while playing leads to crash closed 2 12 years
Icon in gnome window switcher closed 4 12 years
[PATCH] Make build of jack support optional closed 2 12 years
Double dot in toolbar too close together closed 2 12 years
Adding title to template lead to crash closed 2 12 years
Playback measure skip UI glitch closed 4 12 years
Middle slur segment is misplaced closed 3 12 years
Cello in Unison.sf2 plays out of tune in 0.9.5 (regression) closed 2 12 years
Loading successive SoundFonts confuses Sound menu in mixer closed 2 12 years
Invalid SoundFont location causes crash closed 2 12 years
alsa do not work on musescore closed 7 11 years
Transpose info not exported in MusicXML closed 2 12 years
LilyPond: Single-staff polyphony not exported correctly closed 2 12 years
Shift deletes selected text closed 2 12 years
Ability to have a left barline at beginning of system even if only one staff closed 9 11 years
Ability to select all text in a v-frame or bracket closed 9 12 years
Right-click on button bar uncovers missing button text closed 5 12 years
Special characters in filepath causes bug when double clicking the score file closed 4 12 years
Copy / Paste Crash closed 3 12 years