Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
[trunk] slur/tie across page break shown on wrong page closed 5 11 years
[Trunk] Double-clicking object in palette does not apply to note correctly closed 2 11 years
[Trunk] MuseScore window does not open to screen size dimensions closed 3 11 years
[trunk] [osx] Dev-Expercience: Explanations for global CMakeList.txt closed 4 11 years
[trunk] [osx] switching fullscreen => normal makes toolbar unified closed 4 11 years
[trunk] Shortcuts not read back from .ini file closed 2 11 years
[trunk] Cannot select any element on pages other than the first closed 2 11 years
Flipping note direction of beamed acciaccaturas does not carry stroke closed 1 11 years
Unable to edit "lines" in Mac OS X nightly build closed 3 11 years
[Trunk] Score pages crammed into one in navigator closed 2 11 years
[trunk] [OSX] remove menubar icons closed 5 11 years
[trunk] Set default style on OSX to Native closed 4 11 years
[trunk] self-explaining name for "dev-build" closed 4 11 years
[Trunk] Save preferences on OSX using the native format closed 7 11 years
Clef changes in the middle of a measure can cause note discrepencies closed 8 11 years
[Trunk] Score doesn't display correctly after second page closed 4 11 years
Can I... closed 3 11 years
[Trunk] Compressed MusicXML does not open closed 4 11 years
[Trunk] Overlapping paste in final bar causes crash closed 3 11 years
[Trunk] Overlapping paste corrupt closed 2 11 years
Undo Tempo Text doesn't restore former tempo closed 2 11 years
[Trunk] Copy/paste multiple lines of lyrics causes crash closed 2 11 years
[Trunk] [Mac] Drawing update failure closed 7 11 years
[Trunk] Irregular measure is corrupted closed 2 11 years
[Trunk] Transport Tools disabled closed 2 11 years