Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
Note alterations should be key-aware closed 26 11 years
Words not auto-adjusting open issues 1 11 years
[MusicXML] Key Signature for 2 Staves closed 7 11 years
Accidental appearing in tablature closed 5 11 years
Unable to change project in issue closed 10 11 years
Delete subject field to additional comments. won't fix 10 11 years
Latest nightly doesn't play my score closed 8 11 years
Improvements of file upload feature won't fix 7 11 years
Pause signs don't auto-arrange by design 4 11 years
[Trunk] Time Signature movable closed 8 11 years
compilation error closed 5 11 years
[Trunk] Bar rests missing in bass clef of new score closed 2 11 years
Single measure repeat playback closed 4 11 years
[Trunk] Part doesn't appear closed 2 11 years
Cannot extend multi-voice note into next measure closed 4 11 years
[Trunk] Natural after a tie accross barline closed 12 11 years
[Trunk] Two bar rests appear closed 2 11 years
[Trunk] Staccato-sounding note after clicking it during playback closed 1 11 years
[Trunk] Clefs missing from systems after the first closed 5 11 years
How-To missing from German main page (left hand side menu) closed 3 11 years
Interactive Tie Button closed 1 11 years
Accidental after a tied note closed 27 11 years
[1.1] Enharmonics not preserved when toggling concert pitch in baritone saxophone part closed 3 11 years
hELP!! closed 3 11 years
[trunk] When reducing bar line span, other bar lines are not updated closed 4 11 years