Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
Image properties closed 2 13 years
Deleting an instrument crashes the application closed 4 13 years
Preferences dialog - list of available languages closed 2 13 years
Multi measure rest at start hides time signature closed 2 13 years
Two voices on same tone - render bug when repositioning closed 4 12 years
Wave export does not take tempo and volume into account by design 3 13 years
Multi-voice unison note heads jump closed 2 13 years
Delete range of notes causes crash closed 3 13 years
(0.9.6 regression) Crash when clicking on measure Bar palette closed 2 13 years
Accidental obscured if noteheads are a second apart closed 3 13 years
Melisma sign at wrong place after measure insertion closed 5 13 years
File access errors (auto save and regular ctl+s saves) [r1940 Mac] closed 6 13 years
(0.9.6 regression) Cannot input line break in note entry mode closed 2 13 years
Unable to enter edit mode on a line when properties have been changed closed 5 13 years
Remove instrument, undo, remove instrument causes crash closed 2 13 years
Landscape layout preference has no effect closed 2 13 years
Drum note entry via mouse broken (0.9.6 regression) closed 1 13 years
Rehersal marks are hidden during multi measure rests closed 1 13 years
Slur does not affect playback closed 3 13 years
Removing instrument causes crash with demo score bach-bc2.mscx closed 2 13 years
Deleting measures at start completely confuses MuseScore, all measures become anacrusis closed 4 13 years
Part dynamics do not affect playback closed 4 13 years
mid output ignores tempo closed 4 13 years
Insert pickupbar after creating score. closed 2 13 years
(0.9.6 regression) Dots are not imported from MusicXML anymore closed 2 13 years