Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Repeat measure symbols: no audio on second time playback between repeat barlines active P1 - High 3.2 6 3 weeks
Provide options to change default transposition options active 6 1 week
change articulation anchor for ["Fade In/Out", "Swell", "Wiggle Sawtooth/Vibrato"] from CHORD to TOP_STAFF active P1 - High 6 9 months
"Reset to Default' buttons for all Style dialogs active 2.1 6 2 years
inc duration of previous note causes subsequent note to break into un-tied smaller notes if necessarily changes start tick active 2.2 6 2 years
Unnecessary MIDI note on message at playback in MIDI output active 2.1 6 2 years
Synthesizer: Problem with save/load/set buttons active 3.2 6 1 month
When you make a percussion line invisible, it messes up the system spacing needs info 3.0 6 3 months
F11 shows desktop instead of opening Play Panel on Mac active 2.3 6 10 months
Proposed Bracket Functionality active P2 - Medium 3.0 6 1 month
Tied note doesn't play on repeat active 2.1 6 3 years
uncheck courtesy for time- or Key sigs in inspector has no effect when having the courtesy time- or keysig selected active 6 5 years
Bar line palette drops only affect some bar line properties active 6 5 years
Chords running into lyrics when applying system breaks. active P1 - High 3.0 6 5 months
[GPx import] Missing clef in MusicXML generated from file in #34781 active 6 1 year
Add menu mnemonic - File / &Export, etc active 6 3 years
Always allow "Upload custom audio" active 3.0 6 4 months
[XML Import] Tempi from Capella XML export don't get imported active 6 4 years
Note anchored textline displays twice by overlap in linked staves active 6 4 years
Ability to delete recently opened files individually active 7 3 years
Position of measure numbers on one-line staff should be relative to top of barline, not top line active 7 3 years
Command line interface ignores style when exporting to PDF active 2.1 7 1 year
midi remote control bug needs info 2.1 7 2 years
beam across hidden staves of a grand staff active P2 - Medium 7 6 months
Importing MusicXML does not assign instrument ranges from instruments.xml active 2.1 7 1 year