Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Second dragged slur not selected active 9 7 years
Command realtime-advance not valid in current state active 9 1 year
Slash appears as a colon PR created 9 2 years
When silently changing the key to enharmonic equivalent during transposition, change notes too active 9 7 years
[Mac] Page layout incorrect when printing via CMD-P (does not match Page Settings) active 9 9 years
Problem continuing final sylable in lyric word active 3.0 9 3 years
MuseScore 3 playback stuttering with snare soundfont active 3.0 9 2 years
Show invisible doesn't work for certain elements until next layout active P1 - High 3.0 9 2 years
[Mac] Function keys do not work active 9 7 years
New HQ soundfont not fully compatible with 3.0.5 active P1 - High 3.x-dev 9 2 years
Layout/Page settings Window active 9 7 years
[midi import] Failure to detect non-aligned triplet active 9 7 years
Add hairpin (and dynamics) to elements that trigger space increase to avoid collision in certain cases active P2 - Medium 3.2 9 3 years
Inspector: make section headers explicitly full width to prevent accidental closure/opening active 3.2 9 2 years
System barline is shown with "Hide empty staves" (or 'invisible' staves), even if that results in only one (visible) staff and "Barline at start of single staff" is not ticked active 3.5 9 2 months
Musescore crashes 3-5 times every time I open it needs info 3.6 9 1 year
Entered voices don't match outputted voices don't match in musicxml file active 3.6 9 7 months
Musescore Crashes needs info 3.6 9 1 month
Tempo text: Problem with dotted notes active 3.4 9 2 years
Preserve correct number of bars when editing multirests active 3.5 9 2 years
AMD GPU on Mac slows down the work active 3.5 9 1 year
Allow minimizing note distance needs info 3.5 9 1 year
Rehearsal measure numbers active 9 1 year
Regression—scroll bar for Navigator always appears active 2.2 9 6 years
[Import] Objects ignored on playback active 9 2 years