Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Add 'logical' measure number to status bar active 2 6 years
Empty bars don't hide in online version active 3.6 3 8 months
Large scores producing playback issues. active 3.2 1 2 years
Text styles, General style and all master/slave dialogs category highlight is faint active 2.1 5 5 years
Old Hungarian text appeares left to right. The correct is right to left active 3.6 20 8 months
[Tablature] Allow to go directly from the Lower string to the Top string and vice versa in order to avoid going through all the others active 3.2 8 2 years
Album::loadScores() won't load a score that has a relative path active 8 3 years
Lyrics spacing from invisible notes active 3.6 2 7 months
Text edit mode: highlighted text does not deselect consistently active 3.2 4 1 year
Semi-frets in fretboard diagrams should not be shown active 21 2 years
Lines: right-click menu is no longer accessible active 4.x-dev 0 6 months
Note-Entry: a few suggestion for changes. active 3.2 6 2 years
New palette: "Show more symbols" is non-functional active 2.1 2 5 years
Lines on last measure are corrupted after file re-open if they span to last note but don't start at the 1st active 3.6 4 5 months
Name on Part Tab is not updated active 3.2 3 2 years
Lack of first barline in staff after hiding empty staffs active 2.1 3 4 years
Customized line continues to inherit customizations after changing systems active 3.3 5 1 year
Increase distance between accidentals in key sigs, for the visually impaired active 2.1 3 6 years
MuseScore Freezes frequently and has to be shut down when using a Corsair Virtuoso wireless gaming headset in wireless mode active 3.6 7 2 months
While a range selection is active, many palette items have unexpected behaviour when double-clicked active 3.3 3 2 years
Cannot tie cross-staff notes while in note input mode active 3.6 1 1 month
Main "Palettes" sidebar is blank when docked; Displays properly when undocked, until I move it active 3.3 4 2 years
inconsistent behavior when entering rests active 2.1 1 5 years
Upper and lower case letters not considered when overwriting file name needs info 11 1 year
Sparkle: Closing MuseScore terminates update on macOS active 3.3 3 2 years