Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
“Toggle 'MIDI Input'” button always active after start active 2.2 0 5 years
MuseScore crashes on export of the attached score active 3.4 5 3 years
TopStaff anchor for articulations/ornaments does not honor notes and beams outside staff active 0 13 years
the latest versions of musescore don't work on the keyboard in hebrew active 3.0 5 1 year
Improve MusicXML export of section breaks active 3.4 2 2 years
Blue strip partially appears, then disappears after enabling and disabling Documents Stacked/Side by Side needs info 1 3 years
Segno and Coda customization is resetted after closing and reopen score active 3.6 1 1 year
Noteheads palette active 2.3 0 5 years
Lyrics lines in imported MIDI files are duplicated several times and stacked on top of each other active 3.4 5 1 year
Align object to a grid or ability to align object relative to other GitHub issue 16 9 months
Tremolo notation is not working needs info 3.6 6 1 year
Default Settings for Applying Accents to Tied Notes active 2.2 4 5 years
Request for bends to be allowed to extend over multiple notes active 3.4 4 2 years
Shortcut for Synthesizer interferes with text entry active 7 4 years
Selecting the voice 2 notes via Ctrl+click no longer works GitHub issue 4.x-dev 5 1 year
Image Resolution and Positioning Incorrect while Dragging Elements from Palettes active 3.0 8 5 years
I can't change the tempo anymore needs info 3.4 1 3 years
Ability to set articulated (e.g. staccato) playback without using the equivalent notation active 10 3 years
SVG stacking display is inconsistent between the MuseScore app and when published on active 3.6 1 1 year
crashing on save after i remove a time signiture needs info 3.4 4 3 years
Note Entry enabled after disabling and Undo needs info 5 3 years
Crash when adding/removing brackets to/from notehead (tested in tab mode) active 4.x-dev 1 1 year
Section Break duration wrongly extends pedal sustain on piano active 2.3 0 5 years
Add support for 'system' images active 3.4 0 3 years
Chord articulation editor not working active 14 9 years