Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Delete option in Measure context and Edit menus is confusing since it does not delete the measure active 3.4 4 3 years
Acciaccatura after note active P2 - Medium 13 1 month
Regroup Rhythms doesn't work when measure starts with tuplet segment active 3.4 0 3 years
Line hook angles should be relative to the line instead of to the horizontal active 6 3 years
Allow upload/attachment of .workspace files active P2 - Medium 1 2 years
First Parts are quiet and not responding to dynamics. active 3.4 8 3 years
[Mac OS X] Keyboard events don't work active P1 - High 3.0 2 5 years
Inconsistent midi velocity export for diminuendo notation active 4.x-dev 0 11 months
Literal <br/> in Chinese translation. active 1 10 years
Musescore crashes upon modifying length of certain notes active 3.6 5 1 year
Repositioning virtual instruments on Zerberus (SFZs) or Fluid (SoundFonts) makes MuseScore reload them into memory active 3.4 0 3 years
Selection of bar visible after being hidden active 3 5 years
Portamento glissando still plays even if set to not play in inspector active 3.6 0 1 year
Spinners don't have repeat function: only single-click active P2 - Medium 3.0 22 3 years
MuseScore 4 keeps crashing whenever it tries to play certain bars using Muse Sounds active 4.0 4 10 months
Regression? Note grouping interface absent active 0 10 years
Page settings don't apply to all parts when using "Apply" before "Apply to all parts" active 3.6 15 7 months
Incorrect display and input of ottava line shifted notes for the piano keyboard active P3 - Low 3.0 2 4 years
easily resolve shortcut conflicts active 0 10 years
On-screen Piano Keyboard not cleared when playing active 3.6 2 1 year
Drag and drop of palette elements active 0 9 years
Crash entering short notes in particular measures of a particular score active 4.x-dev 7 1 year
Image capture selection moves out of sight active 3.0 20 2 years
Bar Tick 1 looks wrong when selecting from Palette active 3.0 0 4 years
& not recognized in staff names (short or long) active 5 9 years