Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
[EPIC] Support W3C MNX active 3.3 2 2 months
Regroup rhythms deletes tremolo between notes, undo causes crash active 3.3 0 3 months
Request for improving the search mode of instrument selector active 3.3 0 3 months
Grace notes appearing above rests causing bad avoidance by slur active 3.3 0 3 months
Make Backspace equivalent to Delete on all platforms active 3.x-dev 4 3 months
Pasting measures into multi-measure rest let the multi-measure rest disappear in Continuous View active 3.3 1 3 months
Reading 2.x score ignores all text style offsets active 3.3 8 3 months
missing text fonts should fall back to FreeSerif active 3.3 3 3 months
Issue with dynamics when using lines and hairpins on separate staffs active 3.3 6 2 weeks
AppImage for old computers (32-bit): need to update download link to 2.3.2 active 3.3 5 3 months
Downloads: make a Linux AppImage of MS3 available for 32-bit PCs active 3.3 2 3 months
Chord symbols for half-diminished minor chords don't work, 0 (zero) does not turn into ø active P2 - Medium 3.3 7 3 months
Suggestion: Do not ask to save changes when closing a blank score active 3.3 2 3 months
Mixer: after undocking, appears in wrong location; when docked, causes program window to unmaximise active 3.3 3 3 months
Slur or tie does not move with grace note. active 3.3 0 3 months
[MusicXML import] allow numbers greater than MAX_NUMBER_LEVEL active 3.3 0 3 months
Elements with extremely large manual adjustments should have autoplace disabled on import active 3.3 20 3 months
While a range selection is active, many palette items have unexpected behaviour when double-clicked active 3.3 3 1 week
Docked Palette and Selection Filter panels cannot be closed during playback active 3.3 2 1 week
Producing a discontinuous selection is difficult active 3.3 5 3 months
Drumset cue rest placement is too low active 3.3 1 3 months
Changes to enharmonic spellings during input to hold through measure active 3.3 1 3 months
Hairpin attached to note other than in voice 1 in score appears on wrong part active P1 - High 3.3 2 6 days
Misclicking when attempting to create a range selection causes the current selection to be lost active 3.3 4 1 week
Feature Request: New set of shortcut commands to "apply" accidentals in note-entry active 3.3 28 2 months