Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort ascending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Change default style to have page numbers in header instead of footer active 3.0 16 5 years
Extending a line with SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW should move the score to follow the end of the line active 3.6 1 1 month
Rouge MDL Snare Line active 3.1 1 2 years
Ottavas should not have above/below staff placement property active 3.0 4 3 years
Advancing issue active 3.1 0 2 years
Apply changes in the Staff/Part Properties automatically when using the "Go to next/previous staff" arrows active 3.4 5 1 year
Provide a drop down list of open tabs (with selection) active P2 - Medium 3.0 9 3 years
Fine Playback Bug on Partial Measure Excluded From Count active 3.1 1 2 years
[EPIC] MuseScore General (HQ) Soundfont issues active 3.4 0 1 year
Ability to have natural sign in Chord names. active 2.1 15 3 years
Plugin API: annotations in MusicXML file have blank text active 3.4 1 1 year
MIDI input always enabled after program start active 2.1 1 4 years
Text in score browser is too small active 2.1 2 4 years
Text (Composer/Lyricist) Mis-Alignment of texts with letters that have descender vs. those that don't in vertical frames active 3.4 3 1 year
Explode by voice active 2.1 2 4 years
Chord Playback unaffcted by Dynamics when using an expressive (single notes dynamic capable) sound active 3.5 9 11 months
Correctly position accidentals when two notes in different voices at the same place each have an accidental active 3.0 2 4 years
Slurs and ties don't follow Staff Change offset active 3.4 2 1 year "Settings" point to active 2.1 5 4 years
Make Page up/down active in playback mode active 1 1 year
Linked staff and tablature for guitar/bass, how to easily enter notes in à score and choose the "correct" fret/string? active 3.2 4 1 year
Allow reassigning shortcut from Define dialog active P2 - Medium 3.0 4 3 years
Opening file from system causes emptying session active 7 8 years
Chord - tie interaction when opening a gp file active 3.x-dev 0 1 year
[MusicXML Export] of lyric lines with placement "above" is not correctly created active 3.0 7 1 year