Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Stem direction not automatically redrawn when beam direction is not explicitly changed. active 2.1 4 3 years
Move objects with arrow keys? active 3 7 years
Tablature converted to standard staff in imported MS 2.0 score active 3.2 0 2 years
[GP4 import] Lyrics are not imported correctly active 2.1 0 3 years
Remove key signature step during score creation if only non-pitch and tablature instruments selected active 3 8 years
Page settings in parts are initialized incorrectly in dialog if using pre-3.5.2 defaults active P1 - High 3.6 17 2 months
Create/Export Rhythm Track active 3 10 years
Add style setting to control when hairpin extended over barline to dynamic in next measure active 3.6 5 8 months
Allow pedal hooks to attach when custom horizontal spacing has been utilized active 3.2 13 2 years
Add "2.2" as version number for issues active 1 3 years
Bitonal chords (eg. G# plus Gb) active 6 8 months
Page margin: spurious line running from top right-hand edge to the page border active 3.2 2 2 years
Request for ornaments and articulations to implement playback using channel changes where appropriate active 2.3 16 3 years
[trunk] Scores from 1.2 with various voices have the rests repositioned active 0 9 years
shared noteheads separate again after adding a whole note in third voice active 3.2 3 2 years
Zerberus: add support for filter envelope active 3.0 2 3 years
Display build and test status where it belongs active 0 9 years
"Select workspace" dropdown occupies an extra toolbar in MS3.3 RC2 active 3.2 6 1 year
Selecting elements should not switch input duration active 10 9 years
Changing 8va or similar to 15va in inspector panel changes appearance but not playback pitch active 3.6 1 6 months
Hard to right-click single-line staff active P1 - High 3.0 8 2 years
Double Click functions active 6 1 year
Irregular spacing in beamed 8th notes active 3.6 2 5 months
Articulations are too close to tab numbers 2.X->3.0 active P1 - High 3.0 3 2 years
Customizeable default position for palette custom symbols active 0 8 years