Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Buckley Notation Option active 6 10 years
Capella to MusicXML conversion (or perhaps MusicXML export) breaks title alignment active 6 2 years
Bends collide active 0 8 years
New line begin/end arrow shape for educational pointing in a score active 0 9 years
Grace notes not visually included in selection active 0 8 years
Playback out of synch active 3 5 years
Rests in voice 4 rhythmic slash notation not positioned well active 0 5 years
Changing zoom from combobox doesn't update the blue rectangle in navigator active 22 7 years
MIDI Keyboard Input do not works after musescore 2 needs info 3 6 years
Select playback method of Grace Notes, Arpeggio & Glissando and Articulations & Ornaments active 16 2 months
Text over multi-measure rest doesn't appear until clicking elsewhere active 6 7 years
Soundfont Folder window not On Top active 4 1 year
Show Time Signature on part causes crash active 8 7 years
Tapping active 8 1 year
half notes and shorter with head changed to brevis don't line up in voices active 1 8 years
Dynamic appears in score with part's text style, and vice versa active 2 5 years
request for a way to change the balance of a particular sound font, when mixing them active 1 6 years
glissando don't work with cross staff notation active 8 7 years
Bad naming of category "Chord"/"Note" in the Inspector active 6 11 months
[GP] A file containing a part with a Capo indication is not played properly. active 1 6 years
Saving during playback causes it to skip to a random note and hang, moves playback cursor elsewhere needs info P1 - High 23 2 years
Volta Bracket number needs info 2 2 years
[MusicXML] Positions of System Text, Stave Text, Chord Name and Rehearsal Mark aren't preserved active 3 10 years
[Mac] Function keys do not work active 9 6 years
Crash when deleting a measure, corrupted score active P2 - Medium 5 1 year