Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Log in problem active 2 2 years
Make window at time signature step during score creation bigger in native active 3 8 years
Handbook (pdf): Headers (H3, H4, H5) need to stay on same page as next paragraph active 2 3 years
Instrument selection not remembered after going back active 3 8 years
[Guitar Pro] Non-default tuning in GTP scores ignored? needs info 4 6 years
Midi Import with tuplet active 2 5 years
Lyric text selected by default upon navigating under a note? needs info 2 7 years
some template files don't define ranges for the instruments they use active 9 1 year
[Guitar Pro] Tuplet elements in part mispositioned active 1 6 years
Customizeable default position for palette custom symbols active 0 8 years
Cannot turn measures invisible in parts needs info 7 1 month
Unability to save the chords name in the palettes active 5 5 years
MusicXml - full melisma <extend> implementation for exports active 5 2 years
Breath symbol stays behind when overwriting a bar with paste. active 1 7 years
Forum threads: Automatic creation of new pages? active 3 3 years
Website links and things that need to be updated active 14 6 years
Shadow note has incorrect colour of drum note head in Note Entry active 2 8 years
style settings for repeats active P3 - Low 7 1 year
[Mac] Add @2x artwork (icons, splash screen, etc.) for retina displays active 3 7 years
Note entry sometimes chooses wrong octave active 5 9 months
Time signature change deletes glissandi active 2 6 years
Chord symbols won't overlap barline active 11 6 years
Arrow keys doesn't move object when several ones are selected active 30 6 months
No sound when using Piano Keyboard in Note Entry active 4 1 year
Oblique stroke of small acciaccatura collides with notehead active 0 6 years