Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Rehearsal measure numbers active 9 2 years
Key / Time Signature Courtesy option (and delete) ineffective with Multimeasure Rests active 11 2 years
[Guitar Pro] Tuplet elements in part mispositioned active 1 9 years
Bad naming of category "Chord"/"Note" in the Inspector active 6 2 years
odd and even lyrics style should be applied when changing a style active 2 2 years
Midi remote control - Unable to delete assignment active 1 8 years
The blue rectangle in the navigator should snap to page edges active 0 9 years
Pedal markings under grand staff can only be attached to notes in staff attached to active 17 9 months
Clicking page then playing produces opposite effect active 4 8 years
Add "Submitted by" field to search options in issue tracker active 2 4 years
Website: "What Links Here" doesn't appear for anonymous visitors active 1 1 year
import of v1.2 file: arco/pizz wrong position and playback active 3 9 years
Crash when deleting a measure, corrupted score active P2 - Medium 5 3 years
Change Play panel settings by entering numbers active 4 8 years
real-time sustain (MIDI out, play sound restrictions) needs info 4 3 years
6 MIDI import issues active 8 10 years
Inconsistent spacing of articulations active 5 8 years
J-key should change spelling of subsequent notes in tie active 14 7 years
style settings for repeats active P3 - Low 7 3 years
Timewise delete code needs info 6 4 years
MuseScore with MDL has long startup active 9 2 years
[Import] Objects ignored on playback active 9 3 years
Display essentials of navigator active 6 10 months
Image export adds deleted fingerings needs info 9 3 years
small bugs in the new Brass update active 1 11 months