Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
shortcuts not saving or loading needs info 3.0 5 7 minutes
No Sound needs info 3.2 1 7 hours
MDL Scratch/Pop Noise, Followed by Glitched Playback active 3.2 25 7 hours
[Musicxml Export] - Measure numbering not correct PR created P1 - High 3.2 15 9 hours
[MusicXML export] missing print new-system after section break PR created 3.2 1 9 hours
Transpose Up and Transpose Down shortcuts ignore the selection and transpose the entire score active 3.2 1 11 hours
Dragging elements to other pages makes them lost active P1 - High 6 11 hours
If note is tied to preceding grace note of equal pitch, only the grace note is played back active 3.2 5 11 hours
Bends: wrong font-style applied to new bends; font-style not carried over in 2.x files active 3.2 4 12 hours
Next System Shortcut active 3.2 3 13 hours
Multiple bends not drawn correctly active 3.0 1 14 hours
Strings stop playing while piano has tremolo active 3.2 1 14 hours
Mixer: Space between "Channel" and "Sound" is not constant, causing the display to jump active 3.2 4 15 hours
Irregular spacing between lyrics line of one system and text objects of next system active 3.2 0 16 hours
UNDO does not restore a deleted frame active 3.2 1 17 hours
[Windows] Ctrl + Backspace does not work active 3.2 0 1 day
Expose tie information read-only to QML plugins PR created 3.x-dev 5 1 day
QML api: "Select an element" needed so plugins can search PR created 3.x-dev 4 1 day
Stave brackets disappear on a 1 line percussion staff active 3.1 7 1 day
Mute voice produces note that doesn't stop when overlap present PR created P0 - Critical 3.0 5 2 days
[Tablature] Allow to go directly from the Lower string to the Top string and vice versa in order to avoid going through all the others active 3.2 4 2 days
clef and key are erroneously shown further (in lead sheet style), althoug I didn't check 'create clef/key on every staff' PR created P1 - High 3.2 7 2 days
Copy-paste breaths & pauses causes bad layout of the first note/rest in following measures PR created P1 - High 3.2 5 2 days
Screenreader should read staff name in addition to number PR created P2 - Medium 3.2 1 2 days
Add accessibility command to force full read of current location active P1 - High 3.2 2 2 days