Native American Flute fingering

This plugin is still in development. Feedback is welcome, check again later for updates.
This plugin will put a NAF tablature below each note in the score. Of course, it's better to use it with a one part NAF score. The plugin requires the NAFTracks_SixHole.ttf font from Flutopedia.

The plugin currently only support 6 holes NAF but could be extended to other types of flutes if necessary.




Requirement: MuseScore 1.3

  1. To install the plugin follow the installation intructions
  2. Install the NAFTracks_SixHole.ttf font on your system. See instructions for windows or for MacOSX


The plugin works only on the first staff, so use a one staff score or put the flute staff at the top. Enter your music and when done go to PluginsNAF fingerings.


Delete the naf_fingering directory from your plugins directory.
Uninstall the NAFTracks_SixHole.ttf font.

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