Recorder fingering

This plugin will put a recorder tablature below each note in the score. Of course, it's better to use it with a one part recorder score. The plugin uses a recorder font or a font for German fingering soprano recorder. Both are included in the plugin package.




Requirement: MuseScore 0.9.6+

  1. To install the plugin follow the installation intructions
  2. Install the recorder.ttf font on your system. See instructions for windows or for MacOSX


The plugin works only on the first staff, so use a one staff score or put the flute staff at the top. Enter your music and when done go to PluginsRecorder Sopranino Alto or PluginsRecorder Soprano Tenor depending of your flute.


Delete the recorder_fingering directory from your plugins directory.
Uninstall the recorder.ttf font


Does not work on Linux (tested on Ubuntu 10.4). The font seems non compatible. If you have any clue please contact me


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