Saxophone Fingering

This plugin will put standard saxophone fingering over (or below) depending on pitch of every note.
It will show tablature from low Bb to high F# (standard notes).
Also one variant from each "altissimo" fingering, going from high G to C.
Best used for one sax part.

This plugin is based on lasconic's Recorder Fingering

Includes Woodwind Tablature Sax US by Matthew Hindson.

-------- Download --------



Requirement: MuseScore 1.2+

To install the plugin follow the installation intructions
Install the Woodwind Tablature Sax US.ttf font on your system.


The plugin works only on the first staff. Enter your music and when done go to PluginsSaxophone Fingering.


Delete the SaxFingering directory from your plugins directory.
Uninstall the Woodwind Tablature Sax US.ttf font


Tested on ArchLinux (kernel 3.6.11-1 64bits) and MuseScore 1.2
Does not tested on precious versions of MuseScore
Does not tested under Windows or MacOSX.

Please contact me if you can test this plugin on other plataform.


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