In response to a recent forum question about splitting voices and putting them on separate staves, VoiceCaster does that, albeit in a rough-and-ready way.

Take a score with one stave and more than one voice.
For transposing instruments, ensure that Notes > Concert Pitch is checked.
Select a segment of the score.
Run the Plugin.

A new score is created with 4 staves, each with one of the voices from the original.

I know of some errors/bugs/features already -
1 The last note of the selection gets missed out. - FIXED, thanks to Jojo-Schmitz
2 It only writes the output score in 4/4 time.
3 The first stave of the output score plays in the same instrument as the source score but the second stave is in some generic squeaky instrument.

Workarounds -
2 Any time signature with less than four quarters or equivalent to the bar will still generate all the notes and you can copy and paste them. Time signatures such as 5/4, 12/8 will lose notes and you might want to copy the notes first to a "blank" bit of 4/4, extract the voices and then do some tidying up.
3 Just change the instrument via Stave Properties

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