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Mustaq is a project that goals to create resources to accelerate musical notation. Its name stands from two portuguese words: MUSica (that means music) and TAQuigrafia (that means shorthand). Currently this development is focused on providing accessibility for visually impaired people to write music, it is part of the master degree research of the author Nando Penteado at UNICAMP - University of Campinas.



XML load issue with direction-type

Not entirely sure how, but xml pass 2 has assert fail at the end of ::directionType as it seems ::metronome loads the end tag into _e already so it gets skipped over.


if ("direction-type") break;

at the end of the directionType loop fixes the issue for the current file, but it feels like patching the symptoms rather than the actual problem

Infinite loop with an XML

The attached XML is slightly malformed, but in a way that produces an infinite loop rather than an error message.

The fix is actually quite simple in this case:
importxmlpass2.cpp line 4502 (in fn note()) needs a check for EndDocument too.

while (!(_e.tokenType() == QXmlStreamReader::StartElement)
&& !(_e.tokenType() == QXmlStreamReader::EndElement && == "note")
&& !(_e.tokenType() == QXmlStreamReader::EndDocument ));Read more

Number brackets in .ove files cannot be rendered promptly when playback

I found that there is a problem about the number brackets used to indicate where to play in the first/second time that during playback the software will directly jump to the 2nd number bracket (skipping the 1st one) and then repeat the common part after about one bar. What I expected was playing the common part, then the part in 1st number bracket, after that again the common part, and next the part in the 2nd one.

Notation: ||: COMMON | 1ST :|| 2ND |
Expected: COMMON - 1ST - COMMON - 2ND
Actual: COMMON - 2ND(1 bar) - COMMONRead more

ABC Import

The ABC Import plugin is part of MuseScore main installation program since MuseScore 0.9.6. This plugin is an improved version compared to the one in MuseScore 1.2. You can now copy paste ABC notation directly in the plugin. It's still possible to load a file. The plugin should also deal better with bigger files.Read more

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