GSoC 2022 - Harp pedalling week 8

Posted 1 year ago


This week was spent tidying up the last bits relevent to the MVP. Unfortunately, the placement of the diagram on the score is proving difficult and isn't quite finished yet.
I talked to a few harp players, looked through some music and had a go on a pedal harp (which was quite difficult - not an option for a career change!) to give me a feel for where pedal changes should be placed "horizonally" on a score. Damping of the strings needs to be taken into account, and different harpists have different opinions on how much warning to give. This will be helpful if/when I get to creating an automatic pedalling function.

Next steps

Next week I will continue trying to get the popup placed correctly on the score. I'd also like to move onto thinking about a proofreading function, as I think I'll be able to fit it in comfortably with the time left before September and the end of GSoC.

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