Levels in puzzle games

• Ene 9, 2023 - 05:00

Level 1: Out of all the animals, which one is the biggest? The answer is the lion, since that's the biggest animal in the picture in real life. It's the most important part of the question.

Level 2: All you have to do to make the flower bloom is move the clouds out of the way to let the sun shine through. In total, you have to move about five clouds.

Level 3: Tap the fridge handle to open it, then put the elephant inside. The elephant is already small enough to fit inside, so there are no tricks involved.

Level 4: Which one is nearest to us in retro bowl? Tap on the moon because the word "us" is closest to it in the question. It's not as far as the clouds.

Level 5: To count the pizza slices correctly, move some of them out of the way with your finger and then count them. Some of the slices are hidden behind the ones you can see. There are 9 pieces of pizza in total.

Level 6: If you pass the racer in second place, you will be in second place yourself. That's because the racer who was in second place is now in third place, which used to be your spot.

Level 7: Even though the arrow looks like it should slide to the right, it doesn't. To unlock, move the arrow to the left, out of the box and off the screen.

Level 8: To feed the "cat," put the treat/cookie over the word "cat" in the question. Just ignore the picture of the cat and the fence.

Level 9: At first, there is no green ball. There are only red, yellow, and blue balls. However, you can combine the yellow and blue balls to make a green ball. Put the yellow and blue balls together to find the green one.

Level 10: Look at the hands of each character to figure out what's different about the picture. As you can see in the picture below, the right-hand jester will have six fingers on one hand.

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The game's beauty lies in its seamless fusion of music and gameplay. Each level is a masterpiece of design and rhythm, meticulously choreographed to the beat of heart-pounding tracks. It's not just about overcoming obstacles; it's about doing so in perfect harmony with the music. geometry dash turns every jump, slide, and dash into a dance move, making you the choreographer of your own symphony.

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