Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Handbook (on-line): Too much space under nested lists active 1 3 años
input of certain symbols simultaneous with note input active 30 4 años
Shortcut option needed for adding notes below selected one active 1 7 años
Unsynced margins PR created 8 4 años
Album segfault {2parts-excerpted}.append( {1part-notexcerpted} ); active 19 3 años
Kindle Fire link in footer redirects to outdated/unsupported version active 2 1 año
Fret marks in linked staff not centre-aligned to noteheads until saving, closing and re-opening active 5 8 años
Slur does not lead to pitch resolving the ornament active 1 9 años
Writing on doesn't support strikethrough active 0 3 años
Voices 2-4 not padded with rests when lengthening a measure active 3 8 años
Accidental policy added in pitchspelling.cpp (changes with accidental chosen for MIDI input) active 5 4 años
Download link to Microsoft Store does not list the MuseScore version active 1 2 años
Version Scores with Git active 12 4 meses
Tab: make font bold, italic or/and underlined active 39 3 meses
[trunk] Incipits active 0 11 años
Improve alignment of duration dots after notes active 0 7 años
[MusicXML] Ungraceful handling of a tie when next note is not the same pitch active 2 8 años
Quit option at Startup Dialog active 1 9 años
[Linux] Multiple warnings about importing a corrupted MusicXML file when opening from QFiledialog active 4 8 años
ctrl-drag a group of objects should not first reset positions active 2 7 años
Sextuplet contains seven notes?? needs info 2 3 años
Baritone Trombone in Bb needs info 1 7 años
Trill line playback always applies to voice 1 active 3 2 años
Need hyphen functionality in phonetic keyboards active 0 10 años
Clef Between Grace Notes active 5 2 años