Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
newElement has bad refresh behaviour active 1 4 años
disable mouse input active 16 1 año
Edge of lyric with melisma doesn't align to start of notehead active 1 8 años
Clicking page then playing produces opposite effect active 4 8 años
Fa notehead is not shared. active 11 4 meses
[2.0] [linux] default page size is Letter despite locale being A4 active 8 8 años
Offset field not editable after resetting to default when multiple elements are selected active 2 8 años
Elements not always drawn correctly active 0 9 años
6 MIDI import issues active 8 9 años
Tablature: fret marks are incorrectly reset (to default positions) after a transposition then UNDO active 2 2 años
Change drumset style/setup via command line and a style file active 18 3 años
Timewise delete code needs info 6 4 años
Add support for "broken" voltas active 2 7 años
The dialog for "Add new how to" should show a similar warning as the "Create Issue" dialog active 2 5 años
L-shaped sign for hand distribution (piano) active 11 4 meses
Bracket can't be extended to end on staff if next staff is invisible active P1 - High 21 4 años
Invalid strings for "Jump to", "Play Until", and "Continue at" should report error and/or displayed Red active 0 7 años
Instrument Changes: add ability to change back to a previous instrument active 19 2 años
Improving alterations for more ornaments active 1 7 años
Graphic info on measure when "break multi bar rest" is checked active 0 9 años
[Guitar Pro] Non-default tuning in GTP scores ignored? needs info 4 8 años
Hyphens in lyrics can be left orphaned needs info 18 7 años
Crash when joining in an album a score containing a custom text style active P3 - Low 4 3 años
Rename shortcuts "Go to previous/next chord.." to mention rests active 3 9 años
Implode to different voices on single staff when there are different rhythms in the selection needs info 12 4 años