Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
SC4 compressor: text spinners and numerical settings do not work active 2.1 3 3 días
[MusicXML] Layout exports despite being disabled in Preferences active P1 - High 5 3 días
Allow new templates to be seen without restart patch (code needs review) P2 - Medium 3.0-dev 18 1 semana
Export/Import Settings patch (code needs review) 3.0-dev 9 1 mes
Pianoroll editor: note-duration bar length does not update immediately patch (code needs review) 2.1 3 3 meses
Shortcuts not working for sub-beaming 16th and 32nd notes active 2.1 3 4 meses
Add back textual tempo texts active 2.1 99 4 meses
Keyboard shortcut [V] not disabled for elements that can't be saved as invisible active 2.1 11 6 meses
Starting barline able to be inspected again active 3.0-dev 3 7 meses
Offset values in Inspector don't reset when automatic placement is turned on, or apply when automatic placement is turned off active 3.0-dev 2 7 meses
Double barline doesn't appear on the staff of the added instrument active 3.0-dev 10 7 meses
Percussion crosshead notes: Reset button wrongly set to "active" active 2.1 3 7 meses
Appended frame inactivates Page Up/Down and End keys in continuous view active 2.1 7 7 meses
Cursor visible in PDF output active 2.1 13 8 meses
[Mac OS X] Shortcuts for close and minimize don't work for plugin windows, Preferences, floating windows (e.g. Mixer) active 2.2 4 1 año
Request highlighting for tie button while tie selected active 2.1 3 2 años
[Capella import] Add support for importing chord symbols active 1 3 años
[CAPX Import] Tempi from Capella don't get imported active 2 3 años