Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
hard to reproduce: loose focus on score view if use strange compilation of clicking around timeline window then redocking it active P3 - Low 3.0-dev 2 3 días
Regression: the ability to add customized lines from a score into a palette is broken active P0 - Critical 3.0-dev 8 3 días
Switching language doesn't also switch instruments and palettes translation active 3.0-dev 11 2 semanas
Score w/out any Measures causes crash when doLayoutRange() trying to dereference non-existent lastMeasure() active 3.0-dev 8 3 semanas
Can't have linked parts in landscape active 3.0-dev 3 1 mes
Piano Roll Editor triangle cursor and notches NOT aligned with grid active 3.0-dev 2 1 mes
order preset list to account for similar instruments on banks > 0 active 2.2 13 3 meses
Creating instrumentlist by used soundfont active 10 3 meses
Add auto filter function in Mixer Sound Mapping active 1 3 meses
Improve mixer patch selection active 2.1 10 3 meses
Hierarchy for instrument and channel change in Mixer active 3.0-dev 19 3 meses
Suggesting the settings in the mixer to be numericalized active 2.3 3 3 meses
Element Mover active 2.2 2 4 meses
Problem with Tab selection of slur (etc.) edit handles active 2.1 3 4 meses
Page Settings spatium rounding causes downstream issues active 3.0-dev 18 6 meses
Close scores on clicking middle mouse button onto score tab active 3.0-dev 10 6 meses
Create new score by pressing "+" UI element active 3.0-dev 6 6 meses
Palettes: Allow sorting of icons by insertion (rather than swapping) active 3.0-dev 5 6 meses
[Regression] Drag and drop elements from palettes with cursor not convenient active 3.0-dev 2 6 meses
Starting barline able to be inspected again active 3.0-dev 3 7 meses
Keyboard shortcuts for intervals are out of order in the keyboard shortcut definition pane active 3.0-dev 4 7 meses
while dragging a full measure rest, it gets displayed to far to the left active 3.0-dev 10 7 meses
Note size not set back to normal size if unchecking "small staff line" in the staff properties active 3.0-dev 7 7 meses
Regression—pressing [Esc] in General Style dialog applies all changes instead of cancelling active 3.0-dev 9 7 meses
PDF Transcribing Assistant lays out PDF pages in horizontal row while MuseScore pages in vertical column active 3.0-dev 1 7 meses