Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Chord symbols won't overlap barline active 11 6 years
& not recognized in staff names (short or long) active 5 7 years
Updating scores with "save online" does not change audio when checked needs info 3.5 6 4 months
Augmentation dot of grace note collides with fret mark/note active 3 6 years
Surprising initial result when manually adjusting an automatically-adjusted rest active 3.5 1 6 months
Key Signatures needs info 3.0 1 2 years
The continuous panel flashes a few times when it's first displayed active 1 6 years
Copy-drag not working with some elements on some systems needs info 3.5 3 6 months
Changing Note Groups doesn't affect files created with older versions of MuseScore needs info 3.2 1 1 year
Tremolo channel not exported to audio active 1 6 years
(b5) Error active 3.5 3 5 months
[Linux] Multiple warnings about importing a corrupted MusicXML file when opening from QFiledialog active 4 6 years
Choose instruments: "Make soloist" obscures instruments with long names active 3.x-dev 1 5 months
Inspector: make section headers explicitly full width to prevent accidental closure/opening active 3.2 9 7 months
Weird UI text when font smoothing is not disabled active 3.0 0 2 years
Note not displayed during drag on tablature staves active 2 6 years
Crash with Staff-type change active 3.6 1 5 months
can't manually advance voice 2-4 note edit cursor to measure not already containing that voice active 2 6 years
Barline/Accidentals collision active 3.6 4 4 months
Backwards Compatibility active 3.2 5 1 year
Usability Improvements for Selection Filter active 1 6 years
Transpose diatonically from C one third lower should change C (major) chord symbols into Am (minor) chord symbols, not A (major) active 3.6 6 4 months
Step-wise playback active 3.2 4 1 week
No Sound needs info 3.0 6 2 years
cross staff beam has wrong stem direction in imported v1.3 score active 3 6 years