Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Drum map export forget .drm extension on linux active 3 6 years
Can't access Page Settings or Style from the Format tab needs info 3.0 1 3 years
Manual fingering placement made with Inspector changes after layout active 3.4 3 2 years
LH Guitar Fingering: too much space before at beginning of system active 3.2 1 3 years
Export arpeggios in MIDI format causes a mess active 0 6 years
Grace note issue needs info 3.0 3 3 years
Single Note Dynamics - Overlapping Crescendo/Decrescendo playback active 3.2 1 3 years
Adding staff to instrument in score does not add staff to part; possibly crash involving undo / toggle mmrest active 7 2 years
Bug: Enabling "Swing" ignores four or more contiguous 16th notes, previoulsy entered. needs info 3.x-dev 3 3 years
Automatically add courtesy natural accidental in subsequent bar active 3.5 8 11 months
Bends do not contract or stretch with changes in score active 3.0 5 2 years
Tablature preview needs to show two voices active 2.1 1 6 years
Playback keeps bugging out when I use "Strings" or "Don''s Strings" when there are tremolo's, or fast note occurrences. needs info 3.2 1 3 years
Adding accidental to trill line causes display to jump to start of score active 3.5 1 2 years
Suggestion for "select all alike" feature. active 3.2 3 2 years
ignore dynamics during playback active 2.1 8 5 years
(PortMIDI hang on Mac) - Empty Project always hangs on first note entry needs info 3.2 7 3 years
A score style for keeping the staves of a multi-stave instrument intact when "Hide empty staves" is on active 3.5 3 2 years
Show voice number of attached elements in statusbar active 3.3 0 3 years
Remove "Pause" property from Inspector for breath mark or make it 'stealing' time from preceeding duration active 15 2 months
8va alta can not select end note needs info 3.x-dev 1 3 years
Update Copyright statements in Code Files active 1 2 years
File save can't determine file type without extension active 3.3 20 5 months
"+" in time signature does not appear in Gonville active 2.1 2 5 years
Regroup rhythms deletes tremolo between notes, undo causes crash needs info 3.3 3 2 years