Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Playback stops when I set the tempo I want. needs info 3.0 7 4 years
Musecore 3 is very unstable! needs info 3.0 2 4 years
Occasional loss of barlines needs info 3.4 6 3 years
Some notes don't sound needs info 3.0 23 3 years
Only Pizzicato Channel Works on String! (No Arco or Tremolo!) needs info 3.4 10 3 years
Shortcut CTRL + 3 no longer works needs info 3.6 6 1 year
Playback slows down and get out of rythm. MIDI translation is not optimized needs info 3 7 years
Whenever I open the app the browse menu is blank have tried logging into new account or trying without an account. needs info 3.4 1 3 years
"Open" button instead of "Save" when saving on Linux Mint needs info 3.4 8 2 years
glitchy sound needs info 3.0 1 4 years
MuseScore Online File Plays An Extra Count-in Beat (Hidden Note)? needs info 0 4 years
real-time sustain (MIDI out, play sound restrictions) needs info 4 2 years
Chord symbol placement above fret diagrams incorrect needs info 4.x-dev 8 1 year
Added courtesy key sig where the key sig doesn't change (before multimeasure rest). needs info 3.1 4 3 years
Treble clefs become visible again needs info 3.6 1 8 months
can't use keyboard to enter notes.... needs info 3.6 1 7 months
Beam is misplaced/detached while score is exported to pdf needs info 2.1 3 6 years
Exported PDF files can have wrong page size needs info 3.6 3 6 months
MuseScore 4.0 bugs needs info 4.x-dev 5 5 months
Installed soundfonts not appearing in synthesizer or mixer needs info 3.5 5 1 year
musescore 2.3.2 (vista) doesn't export in format wav ogg, flac needs info 2 5 months
All on the songs won't play when I click the play button to hear the piece. needs info 3.5 1 2 years
Extending lines faster (crescendo, staff and system texts, accel., etc.) needs info 4.x-dev 7 5 months
Playback bug related to repeats needs info 4.x-dev 1 5 months