Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Flat in instrument name of 1.3 score not rendered correctly active 1 8 years
Changing visibility options in View menu does not mark score "dirty" active P2 - Medium 5 3 years
Dragging drum note to stave moves flashing cursor to Zoom active 0 9 years
Negative-width frames active 9 6 years
Hyphen in lyric doesn't appear at start of next line active 2 7 years
Undo change of staff type does not restore former clef in score imported from 1.3 active 4 2 years
Incomplete demo Adeste Fideles active 1 4 years
Keyboard shortcuts for palette objects active P1 - High 10 2 years
Add menu item : Create -> Image from file active 3 8 years
Adding a tag property for the measure object needs info 1 4 years
System in Language setting is incorrectly translated in Chinese. active 5 9 years
Wrong file open dialog if LC_ALL is set to de_DE active 2 11 years
Lyrics top margin representing distance from lowest note of staff in system active 11 7 years
End handle of line can be dragged in front of start handle active 5 2 years
Dynamics not saved for staff other than top if system flag set active 13 2 years
Change in drumset not reflected between full score and part active 2 7 years
cursor for a note at beginning of measure active 1 9 years
A tied pair of non-adjacent notes does not sustain correctly active 7 2 years
[trunk] Improvements to the 'section break' active 4 12 years
Saving during playback causes it to skip to a random note and hang, moves playback cursor elsewhere needs info P1 - High 23 3 years
Dragging stave with cross staff beaming produces remnants active P2 - Medium 10 3 years
MusicXML import/export: combined dynamics not handled properly active 3 3 years
Default size of Mixer window should accommodate instrument list active 2 10 years
Add support for "broken" voltas active 2 7 years
[Mac 10.10] Unable to open both files of same name and different extension active 11 2 years