Erilliset stemmat

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This page shows old instructions for MuseScore 1.
For MuseScore 4 users, see Erilliset stemmat.

    Jos olet kirjoittanut partituurin koko yhtyeelle, MuseScore osaa luoda nuotin, joka sisältää vain yhtyeen kunkin muusikon oman stemman.

    Nykyisessä MuseScoren versiossa stemman erottamiseen koko partituurista liittyy kaksi päävaihetta:

    1. Määrittäminen, mikä instrumentit sisältyvät kuhunkin stemmaan ("Stemmojen määrittäminen")
    2. Varsinainen stemman luonti

    Stemmojen määrittäminen

    You can define the parts at any point after creating a new score. You only need to define the parts once for each score, but of course you can come back and make changes if needed. The following instructions use a string quartet as an example but the same principles apply for any other ensemble.

    1. From the main menu choose FileParts...

      When you first open the Parts window the only active button reads "New"

    2. In the Parts window click New to create a "part definition"

      The Parts window now lists the new part in the left pane and shows the properties of the selected part in the right pane

    3. In the right pane, type the words you want to use for the "File Name" and "Part Title"
      File Name
      The initial name used when you save the part on your computer (required)
      Part Title
      The text printed on the first page of your part, top left corner (optional)
    4. Pick the instrument that you want to appear in your part by marking the relevant box in the right-hand pane. Usually you only want one instrument per part, but sometimes you might need a part that includes more than one instrument (such as multiple percussion staves). MuseScore lets you mark as many instruments per part as you need.

      In the right pane of the Parts window, the properties for the first part are now complete

    5. Repeat steps two through four (above) for each part as needed

      For our example, all four string parts are now listed in the left pane of the Parts window

    6. Once you done, press Close to dismiss the Parts window

    You have now finished defining the parts. You do not need to do this again unless you add or remove an instrument from your full score. In current versions of MuseScore it is not possible to split a single staff (that contains two or more voices) into separate parts. So, any instrument that you want to print out a separate part for also needs to have its own staff in the full score. This may require some planning.

    Creating the parts

    You can create your parts at any time to see how they look, but it is only necessary to do it after you have finished the full score and want to print out the individual parts:

    1. From the main menu choose FileParts... to return to the Parts window.
    2. In the left pane, click to select a part that you want to create and view
    3. Press Create Part and a new tab is added to the main MuseScore window containing your newly created part

    Repeat steps two and three for each part that you want to view or print. If you make any changes to the full score you can re-create a part at any time in order to show the new changes in the part.


    In current versions of MuseScore changes on a score are not linked to parts that have already been created, so any change you make on the score will also need to be made on the individual part either manually or by recreating the part from the steps above. Also, parts are created as not-yet-saved files, so each part you just created needs to be saved as an individual file (via FileSave...) or it will be lost when closing the tab. Usually you may want to review it before saving to check for proper formatting.